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To empower travelers with seamless and personalized travel experiences.

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To redefine the travel industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology

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We build and value long lasting and meaningful collaboration

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Designed in Saudi Arabia for the World

Being uniquely positioned through our strategic partnerships and strong presence in the Kingdom, and in line with Saudi Vision 2030, we offer incredible travel experiences designed in KSA for the world, both for leisure and religious, aiming to make Saudi a leading tourist destination in the region and globally. Our Hajj & Umrah division boasts our own dedicated local ground services, and competitively priced accommodation and travel ancillary services including the prepaid inventory in Makkah and Madinah. Our off line team and VIP desk manage high value bookings in concierge style, with the care and hospitality expected by both our travel partners and our mutual discerning travelers.

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Travel Destinations Solutions

Wide and Diversified Offerings

To add value and make a difference, we strive to provide partner clients with a competitive range of travel products sourced either directly or aggregated from major 3rd party suppliers. This includes accommodation, flights, cruises, transfers, activities, and experiences, for leisure and religious travel purposes. TDS 1M+ worldwide hotels include a handpicked 7K+ directly contracted properties which our market management teams are committed to grow to 12K by end of 2024 and 20K hotels by 2026. This extensive range of availability and choice ensures our clients find what they want whenever and wherever they search.
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Modern Technology

We leverage modern technology to provide a seamless and efficient experience. Our tech solutions include a light API, dynamic packaging module, and state of the art flight, accommodation, visa and ground services with live rate and availability for travel agencies and tour operators. Our tech stack also features user-friendly secure website for home based travel agents, white-label solutions for CUGs, and affiliate programs for consortia & high street agency networks. Additionally, we offer multi-currency, multi-jurisdiction payment and collection solutions for both clients and suppliers, ensuring a convenient and transparent transaction process.
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Travel Destinations Solutions

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CEO & Co-Founder, TDS

Ahmed El Faramawi

Leveraging People, Technology, and Relationships for Success!


As we embark on a new journey, the travel industry continues to evolve, demanding innovation and creativity for relevance. We're excited to be a part of this vision for the future, where travel becomes a transformative experience, not just a destination. We are committed to investing in talent and technology to establish new standards.

Our teams possess local knowledge, global expertise, the passion, and the drive necessary to contribute to your success. We offer new distribution capabilities, diversified products, niche offerings, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Our decisions and plans are guided by partner clients and suppliers, and we actively seek your feedback to continually improve, making you proud to partner with us.
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